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Alternation Special Edition 18 (2016) African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS) in Mental Health, African Literature, and Education


  • Nhlanhla Mkhize, Nobuhle Ndimande-Hlongwa, Augustine Nwoye, Vincent Luxolo Mtyende and Olagoke Akintola   Editorial: African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS) in Mental Health, African Literature, and Education | PDF
  • Lesiba Baloyi and Mogobe Bernard Ramose   Psychology and Psychotherapy Redefined from the Viewpoint of the African Experience | PDF
  • Wade W. Nobles, Lesiba Baloyi and Tholene Sodi   Pan African Humanness and Sakhu Djaer as Praxis for Indigenous Knowledge Systems | PDF
  • Mogobe Bernard Ramose   But the Man Does Not Throw Bones | PDF
  • Ethel Chitindingu and Nhlanhla Mkhize  Listening to Black African Psychologists’ Experiences of Social and Academic Inclusion: Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge Systems into the Curriculum | PDF
  • Julia Mutambara, Tholene Sodi, Sandra Matore and James January   ‘Goblins Left Dirt in my Birth Canal’: Perceived Cultural Beliefs on the Causes and Meaning Making among Women with Cervical Cancer in Zimbabwe | PDF
  • Zininzi Anele Bomoyi and Nhlanhla Mkhize Incorporating African Indigenous Healing into the Counselling Services in Tertiary Institutions: A Preliminary Exploration | PDF
  • Maurice Taonezvi Vambe   Alterity, and Recharging ‘Othered’ Voices: The Agency of Spirit Possession in Identifying Dead Guerrillas for Reburial as Depicted in Makanda and Vambe’s Ndangariro dzeHondo dzeVachakabvu muZimbabwe (Reflections of War from the Dead in Zimbabwe) | PDF
  • Innocentia J. Mhlambi   Occult Imaginaries in IsiZulu Fictional Works: The Dialogic of the Global Political Economy and Local Socio-economic Transformations | PDF
  • Vincent Luxolo Mtyende   The Language Question and the Use of Paremiography in Modern African Literature: A Case Study of Achebe’s No Longer at Ease and Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman | PDF
  • Evangeline Bonisiwe Zungu   Defining Feminine Roles: A ‘Gendered’ Depiction of Women through Zulu Proverbs | PDF
  • Danson Sylvester Kahyana   Depiction of African Indigenous Education in Akiki Nyabongo’s Africa Answers Back (1936) | PDF
  • Mathias Sithole   Opportunities of Incorporating African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS) in the Physics Curriculum | PDF
  • P. Tony Jackson   Slaying the Three-Headed Dragon: Spirit Healing from Memetic Infection PDF

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