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Alternation African Scholarship Book Series #14 Transforming Postgraduate Education in Africa



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Transforming Postgraduate Education in Africa

Supervisors’ and Students’ Engagement with Postgraduate Education

  • Belinda Mendelowitz, Ilse Fouche, Yvonne Reed, Grant Andrews, and Fatima Vally Essa Chapter 4: Pivots, Provocateurs and Wallflowers: Postgraduate Students’ Diverse Roles in Generating Dialogic
    Online Forum Discussio
  • Labby Ramrathan, Tohida Cassim, and Indran Govender Chapter 5: A Supervisor-led Cohort Model of Supervising Postgraduate Students: A Reflective Account
  • Nadaraj Govender Chapter 6: Attributes and Relationships in the Supervisor - Supervisee Partnership: An Autoethnographic Study
  • Orhe Ovwairhe Arek-Bawa and Sarasvathie Reddy Chapter 7: Transitioning Doctoral Students to University Teachers: A Case of an Online Teaching Development Programme
  • Vadivelu Moodley and Dinolen Gounden   Social Isolation, Sport and Exercise Disruptions, and Impacts on the Elderly as a Vulnerable Group | PDF

    Raphael Nhongo and Baba Primrose Tshotsho   From the Terraces to Social Media: Reflections of Highlanders Football Club Supporters’ Engagement on Facebook during Covid-19 Lockdown | PDF

    Terence Tapiwa Muzorewa and Aaron Rwodzi   Southern Africa Pandemic Management in Sports: Observations from the 1918 Influenza and COVID-19 | PDF

    ·       Kamilla Swart and Rauf Mammadov   Planning a FIFA World Cup amidst a Pandemic – The Case of Qatar 2022 | PDF


    Urmilla Bob   Differences in Levels of Participation and Responses to the Lockdown among Selected Sporting Codes in South Africa | PDF

Inter-institutional, National and Transnational discourses

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