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Alternation African Scholarship Book Series #08 (Re)Learning to Teach in the Context of Crises

Full Volume
  • (Re)Learning to Teach in the Context of Crises. | PDF
Front Matter
Series Preface
  •  Johannes A. Smit Preface | PDF
A Note from the Editors
  • Nyna Amin and Rubby Dhunpath A Note from the Editors | PDF
Book Chapters
  • Nyna Amin & Rubby Dhunpath Uncertainties and Ambiguities of (Re)Learning to Teach in the Context of Crises | PDF
  • Aruna Ankiah-Gangadeen, Yesha Mahadeo-Doorgakant & Seema Goburdhun A DisAffection for Affection in Times of Crises? From TPCK to TPECK | PDF
  • Victor M.H. Borden, Joshua L. Davis & Senia Borden How Will or Should the COVID-19 Pandemic Change Higher Education? | PDF
  • Tejwant K. Mohabeer Chana Te[a]chnolog[able]y: A Move/me[a]nt to Counter the Neoliberal Global Pandemic | PDF
  • Bridget Horner Distancing Learning from [the spatiality of] Higher Education to [the context of] the Home | PDF
  • Tertsia Ikyoive & Ayub Sheik De-humanising the Humanities Curriculum: Social Distancing and Virtual Learning in Post-COVID-19 Higher Education in South Africa | PDF
  • Jonathan D. Jansen What Does it Mean to Teach in the Shadow of COVID-19? A Critical Reflective Essay on the Future of Online teaching in South African Pandemic | PDF
  • Karen J. Koopman & Oscar Koopman A Dark Side of Online Teaching and Learning in South African Universities | PDF
  • Nhlanhla Landa & Sindiso Zhou Using Emoticons to Reduce Transactional Distance: Navigating the Contextual Complexities of COVID-19 Imposed Virtual Learning Spaces | PDF
  • Sonja Loots, Francois Strydom, Anneri Meintjies, Rohan Posthumus & Hanlé Posthumus Do Learning Management Systems Live Up to their Potential in Times of Crises? | PDF
  • Hyleen Mariaye & Michael Anthony Samuel From Digital Leap to Epistemic Leap: The Challenge of Transitioning Two International Doctoral Programmes to an Online Mode of Delivery | PDF
  • Krystle Ontong & Zayd Waghid Hybridising Cybergogy and Sense of Place: A Response to Remote Multimodal Teaching and Learning in South African Higher Education | PDF
  • Michael Anthony Samuel Access, Acclimatisation and Attitude: Negotiating Postgraduate Education Online | PDF
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak Learning to Teach Differently | PDF
  • Waaiza Udhin, Vicky Avinash Oojorah & Anand Pultoo Sustaining Education in a VUCA World: Experiences of Higher Education (Re)designers of School Curricula in Mauritius (Re)designers of School Curricula in Mauritius | PDF
Back Matter

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