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Alternation 9,2 (2002) Humanities Computing


  • Graham Stewart, Introduction | PDF
  • C.S. de Beer, Inventive Intellectual Adventures in Cyberspace | PDF
  • Rita Wilson, The Space(s) of Hypertext Fiction | PDF
  • Susan Spearey, Bridging Distances, Breaking Boundaries: Teaching South African Literature in Canada with the Aid of Web CT (Course Tools) Technology | PDF
  • Harriet Deacon, Menssink on Trial: An Eighteenth-century Court Case and a Multimedia Tutorial | PDF
  • Anand Lutchmiah Naidoo, William Gibson: From Prescience to Pastiche | PDF
  • Dale Peters, Digital Libraries: Preserving Information Resources for Contemporary South African Culture and Scholarship | PDF
  • Karen de Wet and Theo Bothma, Implementing a Digital Library for Afrikaans Poetry I: Theoretical Foundations | PDF
  • Theo Bothma, Karen de Wet and Paul Bothma, Implementing a Digital Library for Afrikaans Poetry II: Technical Issues | PDF
  • Beatriz Resende, "Cyberspace, South"- Internet and Cultural Studies in Brazil | PDF
  • Joan Conolly, Memory, Media and Research: Mnemonic Oral-style, Rhythmo-stylistics and the Computer | PDF
  • Kalpana Hiralal, The Myth of the "Asiatic Menace" in Post War Natal (1918-1924) | PDF
  • Kwame Owusu-Ampomah, Being an African in the Twenty-first Century and the Prospects for Africa's Progress | PDF
  • Veena Lutchman, Colonial Cousins in Poetry | PDF
  • Ayub Sheik, "I feel like hollerin but the town is too small": A Biographical Study of Wopko Jensma | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper, eCommunication and the Theory of the Optimisation of Human Communication | PDF


  • Mogomme Masoga, The Role of African Intellectuals in the Reconstruction of the African Social Fabric (The Quest for Nation Building) | PDF
  • Shane Moran, Identikit: The Politics of Critical Thought | PDF


  • J. Edward Chamberlin, Oral Traditions; Marcel Jousse: The Parallel Rhythmic Recitatives of the Rabbis of Israel: Genre of the Maxim | PDF

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