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Alternation 8,1 (2001) Symptoms, Theories and Scholarship


  • Judith Lütge Coullie Introduction: Symptoms, Theories and Scholarship | PDF
  • Pamela Ryan, Plain Women and Ladies in a Strange Country | PDF
  • Elmar Lehmann, Douglas Blackburn and the Anglo-Boer War | PDF
  • David Burchell, "Let Down Your Bucket Where You Are". A Critique of the Curriculum at the University College of Fort Hare in its Pioneer Years | PDF
  • Vasu Reddy, Witnessing the Knowable Past: Knowledge, Truth and Humanity in Three Testimonies | PDF
  • Johan Coetser, Afrikaans Theatre: Reflections of Identity | PDF
  • Jean-Philippe Wade, "Sparks of Carnival fire": Alan Paton's "The Quarry" (1967) and the Bakhtinian Carnivalesque | PDF
  • Miki Flockemann, Fictions of Home and (Un)belonging: Diasporan Frameworks in Michelle Cliff's Abeng and Zoë Wicomb's "Journey to the Gifberge" | PDF
  • Themba Moyo, Malawi's Marginalisation of Indigenous Languages in Literary Publications | PDF
  • Sinthi Qono, South Africa within Global and Post-Apartheid Constraints | PDF
  • Jabulani Mkhize, Literary Prospects in "Post-Apartheid" South Africa | PDF
  • Gerrie Snyman, "Who am I?" Thoughts on Fabricating the Body in Postcolonial/ Post-apartheid South Africa | PDF
  • Wilhelm Verwoerd, On our Moral Responsibility for Past Violations | PDF


  • Rajendra Chetty, At the Edge: An Interview with Ronnie Govender | PDF


  • Damian Clarke, "My dear lads ...": G.A. Henty, Author of Empire, and the New South Africa | PDF
  • Myrtle Hooper, The Ethics of Reading: Conrad's The Secret Agent | PDF


  • David Bennett, Breakout: Cyberporn, Privacy and Reality-effects; Frederick S. Lane III: Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Space Age | PDF
  • Elizabeth Thompson, African Unity; Manelisi Genge, Francis Kornegay and Stephen Rule: Reawakening Commitment, Obligations and Responsibilities to Unity in Africa: Pan African Union and a Pan African Parliament | PDF
  • N.N. Mathonsi, Common Ground; Vusumuzi Maurice Bhengu: ITSHWELE LEMPANGELE | PDF
  • Lazarus Chifumbe, Mulenga Gender; Robert Morrell: Changing Men in Southern Africa | PDF


  • Judith Lütge Coullie, Recent Reviews of Life Writing Publications I | PDF

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