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Alternation 6,2 (1999) Current Perspectives: Literature and Languages


  • Johannes A. Smit, Introduction | PDF
  • Adebayo Williams, Towards the Biologics of Cultural Production: The Literary Politics of Thomas Mofolo | PDF
  • Emeka Nwabueze, Desperation and Anger: The Effect of Environment in Black South African and African-American Literature | PDF
  • Isidore Diale, Biblical Mythologies: Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid Readings | PDF
  • Lekan Oyegoke, Postcoloniality and African Writing: A Millennial Postscript | PDF
  • Kwame Ayivor, The Prodigal Hero Returns to his Aboriginal Home: A Reading of Kofi Awoonor's This Earth, My Brother | PDF
  • Marilet Sienaert, Africa and Identity in the Art and Writing of Breyten Breytenbach | PDF
  • Erhard Reckwitz, Breyten Breytenbach's Memory of Snow and of Dust' - Postmodern Story of Identities | PDF
  • Cleopas Thosago, Postcolonial Discourse and African Language Literary Studies in South Africa | PDF
  • Andrew Foley, Christianity and Liberalism in Cry, the Beloved Country | PDF
  • Gisela Feurle, Shaka and the Changing of Perspectives - Teaching South African Literature and History at a German College | PDF
  • Erhard Reckwitz, The Rediscovery of the Ordinary - Remarks about a Literary Debate in South Africa | PDF
  • S. Pather, Equal Treatment: Addressing Sexual and Gender Discrimination | PDF
  • Gina Buijs, Migration and the Disappearance of Caste among Indian South Africans | PDF
  • Varijakshi Prabhakaran, South Africa Telugu Surnames - A Linguistic Analysis | PDF
  • Rory Ryan, The Literary Phenomenon and the Maintenance of Human Meaning | PDF
  • Lawrie Barnes, Perspectives on Bilingualism in the South African Context | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper, How Science Reveals the Universe and How Humans Perceive the Universe to Be | PDF
  • Mark Turner and Gilles Fauconnier, A Mechanism of Creativity | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper, In the Mind's Eye: The Role of Conceptual Blending in having Others See What you Mean | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper, Untangling the Web: Inferential Links in a Narrative of Deceit, Repentance and Forgiveness | PDF
  • Elsa Klopper, The Use of Conceptual Metaphor in Karel Schoeman's Another Country | PDF


  • Mabogo P. More, What Difference does Difference Make? Oyekan Owomoyela: The African Difference: Discourse on Africanity and the Relativity of Cultures | PDF

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