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Alternation 5,1 (1998) Current Theoretical Perspectives


  • Shane Moran,  Introduction | PDF
  • James Ogude,  Ngugi's The Devil on the Cross, The Body and Power | PDF
  • Glen Hooper,  Ngugi's Matigari and the Politics of Literature | PDF
  • Gregory H. Kamwendo,  The Use of Vernacular Languages in the Malawian Literary Industry | PDF
  • David Kazanjian,  Racial Governmentality: Thomas Jefferson and African Colonization in the United States before 1816 | PDF
  • David Johnson,  De Mist, Race and Nation | PDF
  • Martin Legassick and Gary Minkley,  Current Trends in the Production of South African History | PDF
  • Jabulani Mkhize, Alex la Guma's Politics and Aesthetics | PDF
  • Corinne Sandwith  A Social Function for Literature? Two Women Critics and South African English Literary Studies, 1939 - 1948 | PDF
  • Priya Narismulu,  "Here be Dragons": Challenging "Liberal" Constructions of Protest Poetry | PDF
  • Shane Moran,  Academic Exchanges | PDF


  • David Hemson,  The Worm in the Bud: The Divided African State; Mahmood Mamdani: Citizen and Subject: Contemporary Africa and the Legacy of Late Colonialism | PDF
  • Kelwyn Sole,  Writing South Africa; Derek Attridge and Rosemary Jolly (eds): Writing South Africa: Literature, Apartheid and Democracy, 1970 - 1995 | PDF


  • Damian Garside,  Playing the Postmodern Game: Michael Cawood Green: Sinking: A Verse Novella | PDF
  • Thengani Ngwenya,  Deafening Silence; John Miles: Deafening Silence | PDF
  • Emmanuel Mqgwashu,  This Day and Age; Mike Nicol: This Day and Age | PDF

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