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Alternation 5,2 (1998) Marginal Literatures, Marginal Figures and Marginal Genres in South African Literature


  • Johannes A. Smit,  The Marginal | PDF
  • Hein Viljoen,  Marginalia on Marginality | PDF
  • Erhard Reckwitz,  Writing from the Margins, or the Decentering of English Literature | PDF
  • Ampie Coetzee,  Duytsman altyd kallom: Icke Hottentots doot makom | PDF
  • Marilet Sienaert,  A Semiotic Response to Space in South Africa: Indigenous Rock Art and Colonial Travelogues as Marginal "Writing on the Earth"? | PDF
  • Helize van Vuuren,  "//Kabbo's Intended Return Home" (1873) and The Conversion: Death Cell Conversations of "Rooizak" and The Missionaries - Lydenburg 1875: Marginalised Early South African Testimonies | PDF
  • Lannie Birch,  James Barry's Corporeal Archive: An Hermafrodite at the Cape | PDF
  • N.N. Canonici and T.T. Cele,  Cetshwayo kaMpande in Zulu Literature | PDF
  • Lindy Stiebel,  Imagining Empire's Margins: Land in Rider Haggard's African Romances | PDF
  • Graham Stewart,  "She felt the future in her bones" - Gibbon's Souls in Bondage | PDF
  • Siegfried Huigen,  Dutch South African Literature | PDF
  • Thengani H. Ngewenya,  B.W. Vilakazi: The Poet as Inspired Prophet | PDF
  • Jabulani Mkhize,  "Road to Consciousness": And A Threefold Cord and The Stone Country | PDF
  • Dirk Klopper,  Arthur Nortje and the Unhomely | PDF
  • Michael Gardiner,  The Real Substance of Nightmare: The Struggle of Poetry with History | PDF
  • Philip John,  Marginality, Afrikaans Literature and "The Undefined Work of Freedom" | PDF
  • J.L. Coetser,  Afrikaans Theatre: A Centre Moving? | PDF
  • Judith Lütge Coullie,  Rejecting the Mother Tongue: Afrikaner on the Margins | PDF
  • Wonderboy Peters,  Re-placing Dis-placed/ Missing Persons in Vladislavic's Short Stories | PDF
  • James Ogude,  Writing Resistance on the Margins of Power: Rampolokeng's Poetry and the Restoration of Community in South Africa | PDF
  • Priya Narismulu,  Labour and South African Literature in the 1980s | PDF
  • Juanita van Rensburg,  Van Gogh was Really a Punk: The First Afrikaans Graphic Novel! | PDF
  • Johan van Wyk,  Hedonism in the Margins: Dolf van Coller's Die Bieliebalies | PDF

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