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Alternation 4,2 (1997) Literature and Languages


  • Johannes A. Smit,  Introduction | PDF
  • M. van Wyk Smith,  The Ethiopia Metaphor: A Dialectic Myth of Africa | PDF
  • Walter Köppe, Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel Bleek (1827-1875): His Contribution to the Study of Southern African Cultures | PDF
  • Henriette Roos,  "Moon, Man, Women, Bushmen: Reconciling the Irreconcilable?" | PDF
  • D. Lloyd,  Noble Savage and Ignoble Savage: Changing Perceptions of the Early British Period | PDF
  • J. Pridmore,  Hunter, Trader and Explorer? The Unvarnished Reminiscences of H.F. Fynn | PDF
  • Nick Meihuizen,  Pringle: The Aesthetics of Empire | PDF
  • Annie Gagiano,  A.C. Jordan's Tales from Southern Africa | PDF
  • Apollon Davidson and Irina Filatova,  The South African War and the Russian Public | PDF
  • Myrtle Hooper,  Nation, Narration and Cultural Translation: Heart of Darkness and Mhudi | PDF
  • Carli Coetzee,  The Afrikaans Farm Novel and Idealised Sons: C.M. van den Heever's Farm Novels as Narratives of the Nation | PDF
  • R.J. Balfour,  Gardening in "Other Countries": Schoeman, Coetzee, Conrad | PDF
  • Jo-Marie Claassen,  A Conference that Could Have Changed our World: Fort Hare 1930 | PDF
  • Varijakshi Prabhakaran,  Social Stratification in South African Telugu (Ste) - A Sociolinguistic Case Study | PDF
  • Louise M. Bourgault,  Occult Discourses in the Liberian Press under Sam Doe: 1988-1989 | PDF
  • David Attwell,  Teaching Colonial Discourse in South Africa/ South African Literature as Colonial Discourse | PDF
  • Lindy Stiebel,  The Return of the Lost City: The Hybrid Legacy of Rider Haggard's African Romances | PDF


  • Shirley Brooks,  An Act of Bridging? Kate Darian-Smith, Liz Gunner and Sarah Nuttall: Text, Theory, Space: Land, Literature and History in South Africa and Australia | PDF


  • Keith Breckenridge,  On the Mfecane Aftermath; Carolyn Hamilton: The Mfecane Aftermath: Reconstructive Debates in Southern African History | PDF
  • Johan van Wyk,  De Weg Naar Monomotapa: Post-colonial Studies and Dutch Literature in South Africa; Siegfried Huigen: De Weg Naar Monomotapa | PDF
  • Stewart Crehan,  Colonization, Violence and Narration; Rosemary Jane Jolly: Colonization, Violence and Narration in White South African Writing: André Brink, Breyten Breytenbach and J.M. Coetzee | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit,  Clearing Spaces: Multilingualism in a Multicultural Context; Guus Extra and Jeanne Maartens (eds): Multilingualism in a Multicultural Context: Case Studies on South Africa and Western Europe | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit,  Alternation Issue Index | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit,  Alternation Author Index | PDF

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