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Alternation 4,1 (1997) Literature and Languages


  • Johannes A. Smit,  Introduction | PDF
  • Mzo Sirayi,  Indigenous African Theatre: The Cultural Renaissance of the Disabled Comrade in South Africa | PDF
  • Catherine Duggan,  Things of Darkness: Character Construction in the Earlier Plays of Zakes Mda | PDF
  • Elsie Leonora Cloete,  Writing around the Bushmen: The !Kung, Anthropology and Feminism | PDF
  • Pieter Conradie,  Remembering Eva: The Frontiers Within | PDF
  • Julie Pridmore,  The Wives of Henry Fynn: Unwritten but Potentially Transfiguring Texts - The Untold Biographies of Vundhlazi of the Zelemu and Christina Brown | PDF
  • Apollon Davidson and Irina Filatova,  South African Society: Soviet Perspectives - 1917 to the mid 1950s | PDF
  • Anand Singh,  Cultural Intrepreneurship and the Culturalisation of Politics amongst Indians in South Africa | PDF
  • Kelwyn Sole,  South Africa Passes the Posts | PDF
  • Shane Moran,  Postal Networks | PDF
  • Nils Erik Enkvist,  Thoughts about Discourse Comprehension | PDF
  • Nils Erik Enkvist,  Why We Need Contrastive Rhetoric | PDF


  • Shane Moran,  Derrida and the Political; Richard Beardsworth: Derrida and the Political | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit,  Homo Hermeneuticus: Historical Narrative in the Semisphere; Rocco Capozzi: Reading Eco: An Anthology | PDF


  • Venu Naidoo,  An Interview with Zakes Mda | PDF

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