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Alternation 3,2 (1996) Literature and Languages


  • Johannes A. Smit,  Introduction | PDF
  • Carole Boyce Davies,  African Diaspora Literature and the Politics of Transformation | PDF
  • Keshia N. Abraham,  "This is no Time to Gaze": Black Feminist Discourse and the Politics of (re) Presentation | PDF
  • P.T. Mtuze,  Looking at Women: Feminist Perspectives and Concerns in Three Xhosa Poems | PDF
  • Pieter Conradie,  Redefining Identity: A Survey of Afrikaans Women Writers | PDF
  • Amanda Lourens,  The Revisionary Struggle: A Feminist Perspective on the Canon of Afrikaans Poetry | PDF
  • Shane Moran,  Prefacing Spivak | PDF
  • David Alvarez,  Train-congregants and Train-friends: Representations of Railway Culture and Everyday Forms Of Resistance in Two South African Texts | PDF
  • Stephan Meyer,  Fact(or) Fiction in Dominee Du Toit's Inscription of the White Queen into the Origin of  African Civilisation - Notes on an Extract from Di Koningin fan Skeba | PDF
  • Rita Gilfillan,  Dwaalstories - the Stories of a Roaming Bushman: Committed to Paper by a Wandering Boer | PDF
  • Johan van Wyk,  Poor White Satyrs and Nationalist Blueprints | PDF
  • Claudia Mitchell and Ann Smith,  More than Just a Love Story: Investigating the Literary and Social Significance of the Young Adult Novel in South Africa | PDF
  • Elizabeth de Kadt,  Language and Apartheid: The Power of Minorities | PDF


  • Johannes A. Smit,  Black Women, Writing and Identity; Carole Boyce Davies: Black Women, Writing and Identity. Migrations of the Subject | PDF
  • Shane Moran,  Caution: Disciplinary Intersection: Leon de Kock: Civilising Barbarians: Missionary Narrative and African Textual Response in Nineteenth-century South Africa | PDF


  • Meredith M. Gadsby,   The Black Diaspora; Ronald Segal: The Black Diaspora | PDF
  • Meredith M. Gadsby,  Inventing Cultural Identities in African, African-american, and Caribbean Drama; Tejumola Olaniyan: Scars of Conquest, Masks of Resistance: The Invention of Cultural Identities in African, Africa-American, and Caribbean Drama | PDF
  • Ampie Coetzee,  Southern African Literatures; Michael Chapman: Southern African Literatures | PDF
  • Ruth Bodenstein,  Multilingual Education in South Africa; Kathleen Heugh, Amanda Siegrühn and Peter Plüddemann (eds): Multilingual Education in South Africa | PDF
  • Philip John,  Breaking Barriers and Methodological Rules; C.N. van der Merwe: Breaking Barriers. Stereotypes and the Changing Values in Afrikaans Writing 1875-1990 | PDF
  • Damian Garside,  Introducing Literature Criticism and Theory; Andrew Bennett and Nicholas Royle: An Introduction to Literature Criticism and Theory: Key Critical Concepts | PDF


  • A Letter by Albet S. Gérard | PDF

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