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Alternation 3,1 (1996) Literature and Languages


  • Johannes A. Smit,  Introduction | PDF
  • Bernth Lindfors,  African Literature Teaching in South African University English Departments | PDF
  • Judith Lütge Coullie and Trish Gibbon,  Saints and Sinners in the Canonisation of African Literature: A Reply to Bernth Lindfors | PDF
  • Bernth Lindfors,  Interrogating the Interrogators: A Reply to Coullie and Gibbon | PDF
  • Sikhumbuzo Mngadi,  The Antinomies and Possibilities of a "Radical" Historical Consciousness: The Case of Three South African Playtexts in English | PDF
  • H.J. Vermeulen,  Apartheid in Crisis: Lacan and a Contemporary Afrikaans Play | PDF
  • Miki Flockemann,  Medeas: From Corinth to Cape Town | PDF
  • Richard Bartlett,  Beneficial Parasite to Heroic Executioner: South Africa in the Literature of Mozambique | PDF
  • Maboga P. More,  African Philosophy Revisited | PDF


  • Johannes A. Smit,  Trends and Critical Dialogue in African Philosophy of the 1980s: Tsenay Serequeberan: African Philosophy: The Essential Readings | PDF


  • G.V. Mona,  The Voice of the People; J Opland and P.T. Mtuze: Izwi Labantu (The Voice of the People) | PDF
  • Stephen Leech,  You Can't Escape the Past; John Laband: Rope of Sand: The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Kingdom in the Nineteenth Century | PDF
  • H.J. Vermeulen,  The Construction of Afrikaner Nationalist Identity: Johan van Wyk: Constructs of Identity and Difference in South African Literature | PDF
  • David Hemson,  Identities within the Rainbow: Ashwin Desai: Arise ye Coolies: Apartheid and the Indian 1960-1995 | PDF
  • Fatima Mendonca,  Short Stories from Mozambique; Richard Bartlett: Short Stories from Mozambique | PDF
  • Richard Bartlett,  Frontline Nationalism: Mozambique and South Africa; David Birmingham: Frontline Nationalism in Angola and Mozambique | PDF
  • David Spurrett,  The Hermeneutics of African Philosophy; Tsenay Serequeberan: The Hermeneutics of African Philosophy: Horizon and Discourse | PDF
  • Jaco Alant,  Words that Circle Words; Jeff Opland: Words that Circle Words. A Choice of South African Oral Poetry | PDF
  • Damian Garside,  The Grotesque in Literature? Michael J. Meyer: Literature and the Grotesque | PDF
  • David Johnson,  Rethinking South African Literary History: Johannes A. Smit, Johan van Wyk and Jean-Philippe Wade: Rethinking South African Literary History | PDF

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