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Alternation 23,2 (2016) HIV, AIDS, Sex and Sexualities in Africa


  • Herbert Moyo and Beatrice Okyere-Manu   Editorial: HIV, AIDS, Sex and Sexualities in Africa | PDF
  • Francis Machingura and Norman Chivasa   Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS Programmes in the Ministry of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe | PDF
  • Nomatter Sande   Christian Faith and Sexual Orientation in the Context of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe | PDF
  • Martin Mujinga and Herbert Moyo   Healing Ministry of the Church: An Investigation into the Engagement and/or Disengagement of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ) on HIV and AIDS | PDF
  • Chammah J. Kaunda   Neo-Prophetism, Gender and ‘Anointed Condoms’: Towards a Missio Spiritus of Just-Sex in the African Context of HIV and AIDS | PDF
  • Sinenhlanhla Sithulisile Chisale and Herbert Moyo   Church Discipline as Virginity Testing: Shaping Adolescents Girls’ Sexuality in the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Africa | PDF
  • E.P. Motswapong and S.K. Mmolai   Zero Stigma, Zero Discrimination and Zero Infection: A Farfetched Dream for Botswana | PDF
  • Lekganyane Maditobane Robert   HIV and AIDS-related Courtesy Stigma: South African Caregivers’ Experiences and Copping Strategies | PDF
  • Nkosinathi Muyambo, Mphendulwa Moyo, Gift Dube, Dennis Muleya, Urethabisitse Mathe,  Sibikwaphi Ndlovu, P. Knutson, V. Mzezewa and B.B. Dube   Pastoral and Bio-medical Responses to HIV and AIDS by the Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa (LUCSA): Case Study of the Thusanang HIV & AIDS Project and Manama Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe | PDF
  • Roderick Hewitt   The Influences of Conservative Christianity, Rastafari and Dance Hall Music within Jamaica on Homophobia and Stigma against People Living with HIV and AIDS | PDF
  • Gyaviira Kisitu and Lilian. C. Siwila   Whose Body Whose Language? A Feminist Critique of the Construction of Discourses on a Woman’s Body in African Religious Spaces and its Effect on Well-being | PDF
  • Elijah M. Baloyi   Theological Reflections on Sex as a Cleansing Ritual for African Widows | PDF
  • Sinenhlanhla S. Chisale   Decolonising HIV Prevention: A Critical Examination of Ukusoma and Virginity Testing | PDF
  • B. Okyere-Manu and J. Antwi   Cultural and Social Festivity as a Silent Contributor to HIV Infections: A Moral Challenge of the Easter Festivity to the Kwahuman Leadership in Ghana | PDF
  • Herbert Moyo   The Traditionalization of Menopause among the Karanga of Zimbabwe and the Shangaan Tsonga of Mozambique in a Context of HIV | PDF
  • S.H.C.J. Chika-Eze   Childhood Sex Education Facilitating Zero HIV Infection  | PDF
  • Tenson Muyambo   Indigenous Knowledge Systems: An Alternative for Mitigating HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe | PDF
  • Sindiso Zhou, Nhlanhla Landa and Isabella N. Zhou   Communicating Reproductive Rights to Marginalised Girls and Teenage Mothers at Risk of HIV Infection in Rural Zimbabwe | PDF
  • Fairchild Siyawamwaya   HIV and AIDS Prevention Programmes in Zimbabwe: A Gendered Terrain | PDF
  • Beatrice Okyere-Manu HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) in Schools: Ethical Implications to Long Terms Support Structures | PDF

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