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Alternation Special Edition No 12 (2014) Re-envisioning African Higher Education: Alternative Paradigms, Emerging Trends and New Directions


  • Rubby Dhunpath, Nyna Amin and Thabo Msibi   Editorial: Re-envisioning African and Higher Education: Alternative Paradigms, Emerging Trends and New Directions | PDF
  • C. Maria Keet and Graham Barbour   Limitations of Regular Terminology Development Practices: The Case of isiZulu Computing Terminology Practices  | PDF
  • Zinhle Nkosi, Sibusiso Ntuli and Nokukhanya Ngcobo   Lecturers’ Experiences in Supervising Research in the Medium of isiZulu and their Language Preferences in Disseminating Research  | PDF
  • Ansurie Pillay   Harnessing Students’ Capital to Teach and Learn: Responsive Pedagogies to Implement Change in a Higher Education Lecture-room  | PDF
  • Jayaluxmi Naidoo   Responsive and Innovative Pedagogies: Exploring Postgraduate Students’ Insights into the Use of Technology in Mathematics Teaching  | PDF
  • Sarah Bansilal   An Exploration of Regularities in Mathematics Education Pre -service Students’ Responses to Variation in Number Sequences  | PDF
  • Nyna Amin and Laura Campbell   Imagining a Post-structural Curriculum for Palliative Care: Reflections on Rural Healthcare Workers’ Experiences in KwaZulu-Natal  | PDF
  • Randhir Rawatlal andRubby Dhunpath  ‘Stretching’ the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Compensatory Response to Curriculum Modelling?  | PDF
  • Nicholas Wood and Suriamurthee Maistry   Professional Accounting Associations’ Influence on Higher Education Accounting Pedagogy  | PDF
  • Zilungile Sosibo  Improving Quality in Higher Education: A Reflection on External and Internal Programme Reviews  | PDF
  • Yasmine Dominguez-Whitehead andMoeniera Moosa   New Academics in the South African Research-oriented Academy: A Critical Review of Challenges and Support Structures  | PDF
  • Rawlinson Wendy and Daisy Pillay   ‘The forms of our knowing are “moving”’: A Reflexive Lens on the Self-study Supervision Relationship  | PDF
  • Michèle Stears and James Angela   Do Grade 12 Life Sciences’ Results Predict Competence with Regard to Knowledge and Skills Required in First Year Biology Education?  | PDF
  • Sibawu Siyepu and Monwabisi K. Ralarala   Making Sense of Mathematical Discourse: Implications for Success in the Learning of Differentiation in a University Classroom  | PDF
  • Nadaraj Govender   Re-envisioning Pedagogy for African Higher Education: Students’ Status of Science and IKS via Argumentation Discourses   | PDF
  • Thabo Msibi   The Teaching of Sexual and Gender Diversity Issues to Pre-service Teachers at the University of KwaZulu-Natal: Lessons from Student Exam Responses | PDF

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