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Alternation 21,1 (2014) Education at the Crossroads


  • Michael Samuel and Suriamurthee Maistry   Editorial: ‘Brother Sun and Sister Moon: I can hear your tune, so much in love with all I survey’ | PDF
  • Bert Olivier   Education at the Crossroads: Looking Back; Looking Forward (Part 1): Democracy, Autonomy, Capitalism and Ecology  | PDF
  • Bert Olivier   Education at the Crossroads: Looking Back; Looking Forward (Part 2): Technology, the ‘Fourfold’ and Revolt  | PDF
  • Suriamurthee Maistry    Education for Economic Growth: A Neoliberal Fallacy in South Africa! | PDF
  • Iben Christiansen   Come Hell and High Water: Education at the Crossroads, or U-Turn Ahead? | PDF
  • Sarasvathie Reddy    Connecting ‘knowing that’ to ‘knowing how’: Knowledge Construction of Clinical Skills in a Problem-based Learning Medical Curriculum | PDF
  • Mogasurie Moodley    Student Engagement: A Successful Approach to Teaching and Learning in a Third-level Engineering Module at the University of KwaZulu-Natal | PDF
  • Ncamisile Mthiyane    Cooperative Learning as an Innovative Strategy in the Teaching of Life Orientation Education: Experiences of PGCE Pre-service Students  | PDF
  • Zanele H.W. Dube   Conceptions and Misconceptions of Tourism as a Subject in the South African School Curriculum  | PDF
  • Jabulisile C. Ngwenya    Accounting Teachers’ Understandings and Practices of Teaching and Assessment in a Context of Curriculum Change  | PDF
  • Shakila Singh    Health and Liberation Crossroads: Cigarette Smoking among Students at a South African University  | PDF
  • Vijay Hamlall   Disciplining the Boys: Construction of Violent Masculinities in a South African High School | PDF

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