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Alternation Special Edition No 8 (2013) Trends in Management, Informatics and Research in a 21st Century Digitally Connected World


  • Rembrandt Klopper   Editorial: Trends in Management, Informatics and Research in a 21st Century Digitally Connected World | PDF
  • Krishna K. Govender Exploring Postgraduate Research Service Quality: Comparing Supervisors’ and Students’ Perceptions  | PDF
  • Sybilon Phetlhe and Theuns Pelser   Tourism SMMEs Adoption of ICT in Ngaka Modiri  Molema District of the North West Province  | PDF
  • Najeeda Sha and Kantilal Bhowan   Generation Y Consumers’ Response to Brand Building Activities on Social Media Networks | PDF
  • Yougan Aungamuthu   Towards a Responsive Pedagogy: Using ICT as a Tool to Engage Access Students’ Academic Identities in Mathematics  | PDF
  • Carver Pop, Sonia Swanepoel and Nicolene Barkhuizen   The Role of Mentorship in the Retention of Graduate Interns  | PDF
  • Lesley Stainbank   The Impact of NSC Mathematics on the Performance of First Year Commerce Students  | PDF
  • Huibreccht M. van der Poll and Nicholas M. Ndwiga   The Role of Management Accounting in Creating and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage in the Banking Industry | PDF
  • Bhavna Jugwanth and Debbie Vigar-Ellis   Customer Complaint Behaviour and Companies’ Recovery Initiatives: The Case of the Hello Peter Website  | PDF
  • Reshma Subbaye and Mudaray Marimuthu   Barriers to Internet Adoption: A Descriptive Study of Small and Micro Enterprises in the Business-services Sector  | PDF
  • Nehemiah Mavetera, Simon Mukenge Tshinu and Sam Lubbe Business Process Development: Integrating Best Practices  | PDF
  • Sanjay  Ranjeeth, Ashley  Marimuthu and Manoj Maharaj   A Pedagogical Intervention Based on Agile Software Development Methodology  | PDF
  • Kiru Pillay and Manoj Maharaj  The Strategic Use of Web 2.0 Social Media by Civil Society Organisations  | PDF
  • Paulene Naidoo, Yasmin Rugbeer and Hemduth Rugbeer Intercultural Communication: Japanese and South African Work Practices | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper   A Framework for Tracking Mobile Communication Technology Trends  | PDF

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