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Alternation Special Edition No 11 (2013) Research in Religion and Society


  • Johannes A. Smit, Denzil Chetty and Beverly Vencatsamy   Editorial: Research in Religion and Society | PDF    
  • Johannes A. Smit   Research in Religion and Society | PDF
  • Farid Esack    Redeeming Islam: Constructing the Good Muslim Subject in the Contemporary Study of Religion | PDF
  • P. Pratap Kumar   Does Comparative Theology have an Advantage over Religious Studies? | PDF
  • Nisbert Taisekwa Taringa   The Historical-typological Phenomenology of Religion: Problems and Promises | PDF
  • Nelly Mwale    Religion and Development in Zambia: The Role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Political Development of Zambia: 1890-1964 | PDF
  • Auwais Rafudeen   The Orion Cold Storage Saga: Debating “Halaal” in South Africa | PDF
  • Garth Mason   Frances Banks – Mystic and Educator: The Visionary Solipsist | PDF
  • Irvin G. Chetty   Origin and Development of the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ in South Africa: A Neo-Pentecostal Movement or a Post-Pentecostal Phenomenon? | PDF
  • Herbert Moyo   Research in Religion, Pastoral Care and Indigenous African Knowledge Systems: Healing and Communal Reconstruction in African Communities | PDF
  • W.A. den  Hollander and  Madhu I. Kasiram   Training Pastoral Counsellors for HIV/AIDS Care and Management in South Africa: Perspectives from Post Foundationalism, Contextual Therapy and Narrative Therapy | PDF
  • Madhu I. Kasiram, N. Ngcobo and D. Mulqueeny   Exploring Positive Living in the Face of HIV and AIDS: Implications for Life Skills | PDF
  • P. Sandy   Does Spirituality Play a Role in Smoking Cessation? A Case Study Report of a Smoking Cessation Programme on Service Users with Schizophrenia | PDF

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