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Alternation Special Edition No 6 (2013) Coastlines and Littoral Zones in South African Ecocritical Writing


  • Hermann Wittenberg   Editorial: Coastlines and Littoral Zones in South African Eco-critical Writing | PDF
  • Meg Samuelson   Sea Changes, Dark Tides and Littoral States: Oceans and Coastlines in Post-apartheid South African Narratives | PDF
  • Hedley Twidle  The Sea Close By: The Coastal Diaries of Albert Camus, Athol Fugard and Stephen Watson | PDF
  • James Ocita   Narrativising the Past: The Quest for Belonging and Citizenship in Post-apartheid Indian South African Fiction | PDF
  • Pat Louw   Constructing Identity through Island Places in Dalene Matthee’s Pieternella, Daughter of Eva | PDF
  • Isaac Ndlovu  Of Shorelines, Borderlines and Shipwrecks in Justin Fox’s The Marginal Safari: Scouting the Edge of South Africa | PDF
  • Stephen Gray  A Small Colony of Persons: Tristan English and the Outside World | PDF
  • Julia Martin   Witness to the Makeshift Shore: Ecological Practice in A Littoral Zone | PDF
  • Dan Wylie   Estuary: Brian Walter’s Swartkops Poems | PDF
  • Philip Onoriode Aghoghovwia   Versifying the Environment and the ‘Oil Encounter’: Tanure Ojaide’s Delta Blues & Home Songs | PDF
  • Deb Mansfield   The Armchair Traveller: Littoral Zones and the Domestic Environment | PDF
  • Wendy Woodward   Amphibious Horses: Being in the Littoral and Liminal Contact Zones | PDF
  • Chris Mann   Whale-watching | PDF

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