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Alternation 2,2 (1995) Literature and Languages


  • Johannes A. Smit,  Introduction | PDF
  • Douglas Killam,  The Interdisciplinarity of Pragmatics and Politeness Theory with Reference to Chinua Achebe's No Longer at Ease | PDF
  • Sabry Hafez,  Sexual Politics and Narrative Strategies in Modern Arabic Literature | PDF
  • Belinda Jeursen,  !Khwa and Menstruation in Narratives of the /Xam Bushmen | PDF
  • Noleen Turner,  Censure and Social Comment in the Izihasho of Urban Zulu Women | PDF
  • Alan Thorold,  The Persistence of Tribe: The Case of Southern Malawi | PDF
  • Jacqueline Jaffe,  The Gentleman's War: The Ideology of Imperialism in Arthur Conan Doyle's The Great Boer War | PDF
  • Godfrey Meintjes,  Re-viewing the Past: Notes on the Rereading of Canonized Literary Texts | PDF
  • Richard Bailey,  African Evidence for Three Proto-World Lexical Roots | PDF
  • Louis Molamu,  Wietie: The Emergence and Development of Tsotsitaal in South Africa | PDF
  • Jeanne Maartens,  Language Maintenance in South Africa: Hoarding Dreams, Hiding the Springs of Identity? | PDF
  • Betty Govinden,  Learning Myself Anew | PDF


  • David Hemson,  The Antinomies of Black Rage. A Review of: I Write What I Like by Steve Biko | PDF


  • Helize van Vuuren,  The Tin Shack Bushmen of Kagga Kamma; Hylton White: In the Tradition of the Forefathers. Bushmen Traditionality at Kagga Kamma. The Politics and History of a Performance Identity  | PDF
  • Jean-Philippe Wade,  Fiction, History and Nation: Analisa Oboe: Fiction, History and Nation in South Africa | PDF
  • Steven Leech,  Popularising History; Ian Knight: The Sun Turned Black: Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift | PDF
  • David Hemson,  A Passing Miracle?; Alan Thorold: Miracle in Natal: Revolution by Ballot-box | PDF
  • Betty Govinden,  Constructing New Objects of Reading; Joan Metelerkamp: Stone no More | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit,  Academic Writing; C.B. Peter: A Guide to Academic Writing | PDF

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