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Alternation 19,1 (2012) Mobilities and Transnationalised Lives


  • Maheshvari Naidu  Editorial:  Mobilities and Transnationalised Lives | PDF
  • Thirusha Naidu  A (migrant) mother's work | PDF
  • Joseph R.A. Ayee  Some Thoughts on the "Brain Influx" in Africa | PDF
  • Detlev Krige  The Changing Dynamics of Social Class, Mobility and Housing in Black Johannesburg | PDF
  • Monica Njanjokuma Otu  The Role Played by Transnational Mobility in the Renegotiation of African Scholarship at the University of KwaZulu-Natal | PDF
  • Francis B. Nyamnjoh  Intimate Strangers: Connecting Fiction and Ethnography | PDF
  • Christopher Isike and Efe Isike  A Socio-cultural Analysis of African Immigration to South Africa | PDF
  • Ndwakhulu Tshishonga  Impact of Male out-Migration on Rural Women's Livelihood in Limpopo Province | PDF
  • Janet Muthoni Muthuki  The Politics of Relocation and the Negotiation of Family Relationships across Transnational Space | PDF
  • Gina Buijs  "Home is where the heart is": Negotiating the Construction of Identity for Xhosa Women Migrants in Thokoza Hostel, Durban, circa 1985 | PDF
  • Ufo Okeke Uzodike, Sakiemi A. Idoniboye-Obu and Ayo Whetho  "Forced to flee": Conflicts and Mobilities in Africa's Great Lakes Region | PDF
  • Bilola Nicoline Fomunyam  Caught between Two Worlds: The (re)Negotiation of Identity among Cameroonian Migrants in Durban | PDF
  • Victor Muzvidziwa  Cross-border Traders: Emerging, Multiple and Shifting Identities | PDF
  • Winifred Ogana  Migration's Role in Rising Obesity among Women of Zulu Ethnicity in Durban, South Africa | PDF
  • Vivian Besem Ojong  Pragmatic and Symbolic Negotiation of Home for African Migrants in South Africa | PDF
  • Maheshvari Naidu "Mind the Gap": The Structural Ecology of Small Networked Communities | PDF 

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