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Alternation 18,2 (2011) Diversity, Transformation and Student Experience in Higher Education Teaching and Learning


  • Priya Narismulu and Rubby Dhunpath  Editorial: Diversity, Transformation and Student Experience in Higher Education Teaching and Learning | PDF
  • Crain Soudien  The Arhythmic Pulse of Transformation in South African Higher Education | PDF
  • Vanessa Tang  A Piagetian-Bloomsian Approach to Teaching and Learning Economic Concepts | PDF
  • Annah Bengesai  Engineering Students' Experiences of Supplemental Instruction: A Case Study | PDF
  • Vino Paideya  Engineering Students' Experiences of Social Learning Spaces in Chemistry Supplemental Instruction Sessions | PDF
  • Veena S. Singaram, T. Edward Sommerville, Cees P.M. van der Vleuten and Diana H.J.M. Dolmans ' Looking at the glass half full': Exploring Collaborative Mixed Group Learning as a Transformative Force for Social Inclusion in a South African Higher Education Setting | PDF
  • Suriamurthee Moonsamy Maistry  Transformation through the Curriculum: Engaging a Process of Unlearning in Economics Education Pedagogy | PDF
  • Priya Narismulu  Teaching Social Justice and Diversity through South/ African Stories that Challenge the Chauvinistic Fictions of Apartheid, Patriarchy, Class, Nationalism, Ethnocentrism ... | PDF
  • Emmanuel Mfanafuthi Mgqwashu  Academic Literacy in the Mother Tongue: A Pre-requisite for Epistemological Access | PDF
  • Ayub Sheik  'My vuvuzela shall not be silenced': Towards Linguistic Equity in South Africa | PDF
  • Kriben Pillay  Local Economic Development Postgraduate Education and Mindful Research: Deepening the Practitioner Research Paradigm | PDF
  • Craig Blewett, Rosemary Quilling, Zahra Bulbulia and Patrick Kanyi Wamuyu  Student Challenges in a Virtual Collaborative Learning Course Spanning Multiple Countries | PDF
  • Callie Grant  Diversifying and Transforming the Doctoral Studies Terrain: A Student's Experience of a Thesis by Publication | PDF
  • Nyna Amin  Critique and Care in Higher Education Assessment:  From Binary Opposition to Möbius Congruity | PDF
  • C. Sue Price and Mitchell Hughes  Producing better Quality MCQs at First Year Level: Are Guidelines and Templates Enough? | PDF
  • Victor M.H. Borden  Accountability for Student Learning: Views from the Inside Out and the Outside In | PDF


  • Shane Moran  Dreamtime and Colonial Power | PDF


  • Jabulani Mkhize  Review of: Alex la Guma: A Literary and Political Biography by Roger Field | PDF
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