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Alternation 18,1 (2011) Management, Informatics and Research Design I


  • Rembrandt Klopper  Introduction | PDF
  • Kasturi Behari-Leak and Sandra Williams  Crossing the Threshold from Discipline Expert to Discipline Practitioner | PDF
  • Yvonne du Plessis  Cultural Intelligence as Managerial Competence | PDF
  • Msizi Mkhize, Rubeshan Perumal and Sadhasivan Perumal  A Survey of Accounting Firms' Managers' and Trainees' Perceptions of Diversity Management in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa | PDF
  • Shamim Bodhanya  The Application of a Concept Model to Illustrate the Tragedy of the Commons in the Sugar Cane Supply Chain | PDF
  • Wilfred I. Ukpere  Mechanisms to Ameliorate Negative Impacts of Globalisation on Human Resources, Industrial Democracy and Humanity | PDF
  • Micheline J. Naude and Charles O'Neill  Quest for Survival in the South African Automotive Industry: A Supply Chain Perspective | PDF
  • Natalie Astrup and Brian McArthur  The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership in Information Systems Managers: An Exploratory Study | PDF
  • Mari Jansen van Rensburg and Teresa Carmichael  Service-Learning: Business School Students Working for the Common Good | PDF
  • E.J. Louw and T.J. Maubane  The Management of a Community Project - A Case Study | PDF
  • L. Monji and K. Ortlepp  The Relationship between Organisational Trust, Job Satisfaction and Intention to Leave:  An Exploratory Study | PDF
  • Kasthuri Poovalingam and Suleman Docrat  Consumer Decision-making in the Selection of Shopping Centres around Durban | PDF
  • Anesh Singh and Sam Lubbe  e-Lumination - Evaluating the Quality of Free Online Information for Decision-making | PDF
  • Huibrecht M. van der Poll, Aletta McGee and Nico J. Booyse  Students' Perceived Ability in the Use of a Computer Application in a Community Outreach Project | PDF
  • Indira Padayachee, Paula Kotzé and Alta van der Merwe  Course Management Systems from a Usability Perspective | PDF
  • Neil Skea and Manoj Maharaj  Wireless Network Security | PDF
  • Sanjay Ranjeeth  The Impact of Learning Styles on the Acquisition of Computer Programming Proficiency| PDF
  • Dan Remenyi, Shaun Pather and Rembrandt Klopper  Some Philosophical Assumptions Underpinning Academic Research | PDF
  • Stan Hardman and Udo Richard Averweg  Practitioner Research from a Critical Systems Perspective | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper  Villains and Victims: Image Schematic Role Relationship Theory in Narrative Analysis | PDF

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