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Alternation 17,2 (2010) Social Legacies and Sport Mega-events


  • Urmilla Bob, Kamilla Swart and Johannes A. Smit  Editorial | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit  Dennis Brutus: Activist for Non-racialism and Freedom of the Human Spirit | PDF
  • Urmilla Bob and Kamilla Swart  Sport Events and Social Legacies | PDF
  • Scarlett Cornelissen and Wolfgang Maennig  On the Political Economy of "Feel-good" Effects at Sport Mega-events: Experiences from FIFA Germany 2006 and Prospects for South Africa 2010 | PDF
  • Zaakirah Bassa and Jyoti Jaggernath  Living Close to 2010 Stadiums: Residents' Perceptions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Stadium Development in Durban, South Africa | PDF
  • Dion Chain and Kamilla Swart  Residents' Perceptions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup: A Case Study of a Suburb in Cape Town, South Africa | PDF
  • Tembi Maloney Tichaawa and Kamilla Swart  Cameroonian Fans' Perceptions of the 2010 Fifa World Cup: A Case Study of Buea and Limbe | PDF
  • Fraser McKenna and Urmilla Bob  Business Perceptions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Related Infrastructural Development: A Case Study of the Moses Mabhida Stadium and the Durban Beachfront Developments | PDF
  • Kamilla Swart, Urmilla Bob and Douglas Turco  Media, Crime and the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa: Pre-event Analysis and Perceptions | PDF
  • A. Maharaj  The 2010 FIFA World Cup, Sport Events and Tourism in Durban: Prospects and Challenges | PDF
  • Fathima Ahmed and Leon Pretorius  Mega-events and Environmental Impacts: The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa | PDF
  • Freek Cronjé, David van Wyk and Doret Botha  The 2010 FIFA World Cup - Service Delivery, "Afrophobia" and Brand Imperialism: Through the Eyes of Frantz Fanon | PDF
  • Bert Olivier  "Terror(ism)" in the Context of Cosmopolitanism | PDF


  • J.L. Hilton The First Ethiopians: A Critical Perspective | PDF
  • Catherine Woeber "A persistent letter writer - an addict at that" | PDF

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