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Alternation Special Edition No. 3 (2009) Religion and Diversity


  • Johannes A. Smit  Editorial | PDF
  • Cornelia Roux  Religion in Education: Who is Responsible? | PDF
  • Paul Prinsloo  The South African Policy on Religion and Education (2003): A Contradiction in a Secular State and Age? | PDF
  • Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa  Historical Context of Religious Conflict and Religious Education Curriculum | PDF
  • Reshma Sookrajh and Macloud Frank Salanjira  Ideological Posturing and National Curriculum Policy: Exploring Dual-Mode Religious Education for Secondary Schools in Malawi | PDF
  • Petro du Preez  Thinking about Knowledge amidst Religious Diversity: Epistemic Relativity and its Impact on Religion in Education | PDF
  • Cornelia Roux  Religion Education as Praxis: Voices and Narratives on Teaching and Learning Experiences | PDF
  • Janet Jarvis  The Voice of the Religion Education Teacher in the Context of Religious Diversity | PDF
  • Janet Jarvis  Teacher Identity in a Context of Religious Diversity | PDF
  • Celia Kourie and Trevor Ruthenberg  Experience: Its Significance in Contemporary Christian Spirituality | PDF
  • Yogi Penceliah  The Spiritual Dimension of Individuals in the Context of the Workplace | PDF
  • Stephen Bigger  Ethno-spirituality: A Postcolonial Problematic? | PDF
  • Martin Prozesky  Is the Secular State the Root of our Moral Problems in South Africa? | PDF
  • Johan Strijdom  Nationalizing Religion: The Violent Path of Religious Nationalism | PDF
  • Suleman Essop Dangor  Said Nursi's Approach to Interfaith Dialogue | PDF
  • Denzil Chetty  An Harambee Theory of Rhetoric in Social Action: Persuasion, Religious Identity and Recognition in Sudan | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit and Denzil Chetty  Advancing Religion Studies in Southern Africa | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit  The "Dis-embodied Mind" and Religion | PDF

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