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Alternation 16,2 (2009) Birds In and Out of Literature


  • Johannes A. Smit Editorial | PDF
  • Pat Louw and Travis V. Mason Introduction Birds: In and Out of Literature | PDF
  • Syned Mthatiwa Bird Metaphors in Jack Mapanje's The Chattering Wagtails of Mikuyu Prison and Skipping Without Ropes | PDF
  • Sr. N. Gloria Irenata Biyela (F.S.F.) Popular Predictor Birds in Zulu Culture | PDF
  • Ruth Babra Gora The Role of Bird Characters in African Story and Myth | PDF
  • Chris Low Birds in the life of KhoeSan; With Particular Reference to Healing and Ostriches | PDF
  • Ian Glenn Levaillant's Bird Books and the Origins of a Genre | PDF
  • Pat Louw Reading Space and Place in Chris Mann's Bird Poems in Lifelines | PDF
  • Dan Wylie "Lines of flight": Sydney Clouts's Birds | PDF
  • Travis V. Mason Toward an (Avian) Aesthetic of (Avian) Absence | PDF
  • Myrtle Hooper "The long wait for the angel": Sylvia Plath's "Black Rook in Rainy Weather" | PDF
  • Catherine Addison "Darkling I Listen": The Nightingale's Song In and Out of Poetry | PDF
  • Leigh Taryn Laing-Cox  "... singing at a work apart": The Search for a Feminine Poetic Voice in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora | PDF
  • Wendy Woodward "Who is to say ... that the hen did not speak?" Bird Subjectivities in Some Southern African Narratives | PDF
  • Pat Louw Review of Material Feminisms| PDF
  • Priya Narismulu Springing the Cage: The Role of Engaging the Shades of Robben Island in Constituting the Field of Postcolonial Ecofeminism | PDF
  • Judith Lütge Coullie Review of Celebrity Monkeys and Other Notables: Recent Life Writing Publications VI | PDF

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