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Alternation 14,1 (2007) Themes in Management Studies


  • Rembrandt Klopper,  Introduction: Themes in Present-day Management Studies in South Africa | PDF
  • Charles O'Neill, Sanjay Soni, David Coldwell & Judy Edmonds,  Towards a Testable Model of the Impact of Specific Entrepreneurial Networks on the Success of Businesses in the Pietermaritzburg Region | PDF
  • Mogie Subban, Pregala Pillay, Kanti Bhowan & Kishore Raga,  Towards Effective Service Delivery via Customer Relationship Management | PDF 
  • Sharon Husselman, Sam Lubbe & Rembrandt Klopper,  Implications for e-Business Readiness in the KwaZulu-Natal Chemical Industry | PDF 
  • Kasthuri Poovalingam & Dayaneethie Veerasamy,  The Impact of Communication on Customer Relationship Marketing among Cellular Service Providers | PDF 
  • D.A.L. Coldwell, M. Williamson & S. Cameron,  The Learning Organization in a Global Context: Perceptions of HR Practitioners at UK and SA Tertiary Institutions | PDF 
  • S.B. Cassim & D. Bexiga,  The Regulation of Advertising to Children: A Comparative Assessment | PDF 
  • Ashika Pramlal & Sanjana Brijball Parumasur, Assessing Members' Perceptions of Team Cohesiveness in a Public Service Department | PDF 
  • D.A.L. Coldwell & S. Perumal, Perceptions of the Measurability, Importance and Effects of Work Equity on Job Satisfaction and Work Motivation: An Exploratory Study of the Utility of Equity Theory | PDF 
  • M.R. (Ruth) de Villiers, Sam Lubbe & Rembrandt Klopper,  Action Research: The Participative Researcher or Experiential Approach | PDF 
  • Ashley G. Frank,  On the Value of Survey-based Research in Finance | PDF 
  • Rembrandt Klopper, Sam Lubbe & Hemduth Rugbeer,  The Matrix Method of Literature Review | PDF 
  • Johan van Loggerenberg,   Those Who Can, Do, and Those Who Cannot, Teach | PDF 
  • Les Worrall, Sam Lubbe & Rembrandt Klopper,  Academic Research and Management Practice | PDF
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