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Alternation 12,2 (2005) Informatics in South African Higher Education II


  • Rembrandt Klopper, Applied Informatics Research in South Africa | PDF
  • M.R. (Ruth) de Villiers, Interpretive Research Models for Informatics: Action Research, Grounded Theory, and the Family of Design- and Development Research | PDF
  • Gebhre Embaye, Sam Lubbe, and Rembrandt Klopper, The Effective Use of Computer Systems at the University of KwaZulu-Natal | PDF
  • Desmond W. Govender and Manoj S. Maharaj, The Attitudes of Educators to Information Technology Adoption in School Settings | PDF
  • Kirstin Krauss, Tacit Design Issues Regarding the Use of Visual Aesthetics for Web Page Design | PDF
  • Darren Edwin Naidoo and Rembrandt Klopper, A Framework of Factors for Determining e-Readiness in Emerging Societies | PDF
  • B.K. Ngubane and Sam Lubbe, Information Heaven: Online Information Access for Rural Communities | PDF
  • C. Rambowan, Sam Lubbe and Rembrandt Klopper, Perceptions of Members in a South African Rural Community about the Prospects of Becoming a Digital Village | PDF
  • Vikash Ramharuk, Using Health Information Systems to Solve the Shortage of Medical Experts in Rural Communities | PDF
  • Dan Remenyi and David Price, Finding Research Questions Using a Socratic Dialogue | PDF
  • Jill Bradbury, Ronald Miller, Kim Acutt and Genevieve Lemon, The Challenge of Diversity: Participation Rates in a Flexible Learner Support Programme | PDF
  • Les Worrall, Rembrandt Klopper and Sam Lubbe, The PhD: Pitfalls and Pathways | PDF
  • Anesh Maniraj Singh, Ergonomic Design of IT Teaching Laboratories | PDF

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