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Alternation 12,1a (2005) Informatics in South African Higher Education I


  • Rembrandt Klopper, Informatics in South Africa: An Overview | PDF
  • Maxwell M. Buthelezi, Sam Lubbe and Rembrandt Klopper, Tele-centres Islands in a Sea of Information with no Ship in Sight | PDF
  • Bongikosi Sikhakhane, Sam Lubbe and Rembrandt Klopper, The Digital Divide and Access to Information Communication Technologies | PDF
  • Manoj Maharaj, The Potential Crisis Facing South African Universities | PDF
  • Stephen Cowley and Takayuki Kanda, Friendly Machines: Interaction-Oriented Robots Today and Tomorrow | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper, The Evolution of Human Communication from Nonverbal Communication to Electronic Communications | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper, Future Communications: Mobile Communications,Cybernetics, Neuro-Informatics and Beyond | PDF
  • A. Gordon and K. Bhowan, Factors that Influence Online Shopping Behaviours | PDF
  • Laurette Pretorius and Andries Barnard, Ethical Decision-Making Skills for Responsible Citizens of Cyberspace: Quo Vadis? | PDF
  • Sam Lubbe and Mudaray Marimuthu, Only the Flexible will Survive | PDF
  • Shaun Pather, Geoff Erwin and Corrie Strümpfer, Supporting Part-time Masters Students Towards Successful Research Dissertations: A Case Study | PDF
  • Sam Lubbe, Les Worrall and Rembrandt Klopper, Challenges in Postgraduate Research: How Doctorates Come Off the Rails | PDF
  • Rikesh Harypursat, Sam Lubbe and Rembrandt Klopper, The Thinking Styles of a Group of Information Systems and Technology Students | PDF
  • Patricia Margaret Alexander, Harnessing GIS to Extend HCI Teaching | PDF
  • Kirstin Krauss, Visual Aesthetics and its Effect on Communication Intent: A Theoretical Study and Website Evaluation | PDF
  • Udo Richard Averweg, Applicability of the Technology Acceptance Model in Three Developing Countries: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and South Africa | PDF

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