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Alternation 10,2 (2003) Perspectives on Cognitive Science II


  • Johannes A. Smit, Introduction | PDF
  • Manogarie Moodley and Rembrandt Klopper, The Conceptual Basis of Ethnic Stereotyping | PDF
  • Thabisile Buthelezi, The Invisible Females: Analysing Gender in the OBE-oriented Language Books for the Intermediate Phase in South African Schools | PDF
  • Barbara Solarsh, School Performance in Rural South Africa - The Role of Verbal Reasoning | PDF
  • Irwin T. J. Brown, The Role of Cognitive Instrumental Processes, Social Influence Processes and Perceived Behavioural Control in the Acceptance of the Internet as a Learning Tool | PDF
  • David Edwards, Jennifer Henwood and Swetha Kannan, Cognitive Therapy for Social Phobia:The Human Face of Cognitive Science | PDF
  • Nicola Jones, Privacy, Ethics and the Public Interest: Should the South African Media have Reported on Durban Businessman Glyn Taylor's Infamous Death in 1999? | PDF
  • Clive J. Basson and Kevin Whitehead, Self and Consciousness: Possible Implications for Mental Imagery Use in Sport Psychology | PDF
  • David J.F. Maree, Nafisa Cassimjee, Rebone P.E. Cgabo,Yolande Croucamp, Sarina de Beer, Linda I. Maritz, Charles A. Mtetwa, Patricia M. Neville, Alida P. Prinsloo, Vannesa Scherman, Dimensions of Change Detection within the Phenomenon of Change Blindness | PDF
  • Matthew Jukes, Do Parasitic Worm Infections Impair Cognitive Development? | PDF
  • Stephen J. Cowley, Distributed Cognition at Three Months: Caregiver-infant Dyads in kwaZulu-Natal | PDF
  • G.M. Mersham and P.E. Louw, South African Attitudes to Australia and Australians | PDF
  • Johannes A. Smit, When "Trek", "Gulf" and "Guilt" Goes | PDF
  • Rembrandt Klopper, Yesterday is Another Country | PDF


  • Litzi Lombardozzi, Interview with Lewis Nkosi During his Visit To South Africa | PDF


  • Mogomme Masoga, Establishing Dialogue: Thoughts on Music Education in Africa | PDF


  • Gillian Bowden and Judith Lütge Coullie, Review of Bettie Emslie's An Autobiography: One Beggar to Another | PDF


  • Judith Lütge Coullie, Recent Reviews of Life Writing Publications III | PDF

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