Call for Papers 2020: Higher Education Curriculum Transformation

Alternation in Collaboration with the SAERA Curriculum Studies Special Interest Group

Special issue of Alternation on HE Curriculum Transformation

Call for papers

Transformation in South African higher education has been an on-going process since the mid 1990’s, initially focusing on the demographic profiles of staff and students, through to widening access, student throughput and graduation rates.  Curriculum transformation whilst simultaneously initiated, is taking a more deliberate form.  Most universities have been and are currently reviewing their curricula in response to various imperatives, including, pressures resulting from the multiversity, the 4th Industrial Revolution, blended learning, world of work and decolonisation. This special issue of Alternation focuses on the various dimensions of curriculum thinking that are informing curriculum transformation across most higher education institutions within South Africa.  This focus is different from other foci on higher education curriculum transformation, in that, it attempts to illuminate the thinking and theorising that informs the curriculum transformation processes unfolding in institutions, rather than a description of the processes or outcomes of curriculum transformation.

The Curriculum Studies Special Interest Group of SAERA has embarked on a process of scoping the research on Curriculum Studies within post-apartheid South Africa to illuminate and understand theoretical and post-theoretical drivers to curriculum and curriculum transformation.  This special issue of Alternation is, therefore, an opportunity for scholars of Curriculum Studies to present their theoretical insights into curriculum transformation as it is unfolding within higher education institutions in South Africa. It also provides a platform for novel theoretical insights and imaginings for the future advancement of the field.

Papers with a focus on the theoretical thinking informing curriculum transformation within higher education, are invited for consideration of publication in this special issue of Alternation. 

31 January 2020 Submit 250 word abstract for consideration by the editors
15 February 2020 Feedback to authors regarding their abstracts
31 May 2020 Full articles to be submitted for review
19 June 2020 Reviewer feedback to be send to authors
17 July 2020 Submit final paper
August 2020 Intended date for publication

Professor Labby Ramrathan (UKZN), Prof Petro du Preez (NWU), Prof Shan Simmonds (NWU), Prof Lesley le Grange (US)

Abstracts to be submitted to:

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