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Alternation 7,1 (2000) South African Autobiography


  • Thengani H. Ngwenya, The Historical Dimension of South African Autobiography | PDF
  • Gina Wisker, "No World as Yet for What She has Done": Re-memory and Revisioning in Bessie Head and South African Women's Autobiographical Writings | PDF
  • Nancy Topping Bazin Nadine Gordimer's Fictional Selves: Can a White Woman Be "At Home" in Black South Africa | PDF
  • J.U. Jacobs, Cross-cultural Translation in South African Autobiographical Writing: The Case of Sindiwe Magona | PDF
  • Graeme Rosenberg, Auto/ Biographical Narratives and the Lives of Jordan Ngubane | PDF
  • Stephan Meyer, Intersubjectivity and Autobiography: Feminist Critical Theory and Johnny Masilela's Deliver us from Evil - Scenes from a Rural Transvaal Upbringing | PDF
  • Vanessa A. Farr, "Making this book is a strange thing to me": Singing Away the Hunger and the Politics of Publishing in Collaborative Autobiography | PDF
  • Thengani H. Ngwenya, Ideology and Self-Representation in The Calling of Katie Makanya | PDF
  • Thomas Thale, Community and Narration in Emma Mashinini's Strikes have Followed me all my Life | PDF
  • Betty Govinden, Space and Identity in Jayapraga Reddy's Unpublished Autobiography, The Unbending Reed and her On the Fringe of Dreamtime and Other Stories | PDF


  • Damian Garside, Literary Theory - The Long and the Very Short of It; Jonathan Culler: Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction | PDF
  • Priya Narismulu, What about the Audience?: Silences in Voicing the Text; Duncan Brown: Voicing the Text | PDF


  • Lorelle Royeppen, Mother to Mother's Moral Ambivalence; Sindiwe Magona: Mother to Mother | PDF


  • Judith Lütge Coullie, Speaking about Writing about Living a Life: Interview with Stephen Gray on his Autobiography, Accident of Birth | PDF

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